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tarikh tutup pada 20 june 2011

My dear,
To love someone is nothing…
To be love by someone is something…
To be love by someone is exciting…
To be love by Allah is everything…

LOVE, love, and love…What can I say about love?? Love is universal. Love is blind. Love is beautiful and love can make someone become crazy. For me, love is something that we cannot tell because it comes from your deep heart and only heart knows about love. You cannot deny if love comes to you. Maybe it comes for once or many times…It’s too subjective. From love, affection of feeling will come towards. Because of love, someone will do whatever for his/her lover even though he/she must have to sacrifice. That’s why I said that love can make someone become crazy.

Think for a while…love between man and women will not long lasting. But love for others is a reward from Allah for His mankind to feel happy even though for a while. As a human, we cannot be too happy because Allah can take this feeling anytime with any reason. Furthermore, we must not to be greed to share this love with others because human feeling can change anytime.

Love can be defines and describes in many words. We can share this love to our family, friend, nature and Allah. According to Longman Dictionary, love for family or friend is a strong feeling of caring about someone, especially a member of your family or a close friend. Next, love for nature is to have a strong feeling of loyalty to your country, surrounding and an institution. And then, love to Allah is by do His entire message and avoid all His prohibit.

A different person defines love with a different manner. When someone in love, they wish that they will be a good couple. They feel that this world is belonging to them and only they are in this world and no one else. They feel that love is beautiful but how about people who have a bad episode about love?? Maybe they will be afraid to fall in love again or maybe after this they will be more cautious in choose their partner. All of this must have a lesson. To get ‘Mr. Right’ as a partner is very hard because there are no one that perfect in this world. Even though you thought that he/she was your soul mate, but if God did not tell so, it will not happen.

fuhh panjang berjela aku tulis..actually, ini adalah entry yang aku cipta masa lecturer aku suruh buat..hoho..deep from my heart...
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