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this is my life journey

On 10th October 1989, I was born to the world. I only can cry as loud as I can without know anything happen. My mother give a birth of me at Klang, Selangor and that is the place where I and my siblings grew up until now. I was a lucky girl because I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters that can play and accompany me when I was a child. Before I tell about myself, I would like to tell my name actually. My name is Norsheila Binti Mohd Annorwar and that is the name where my parents give to me.

When I was 6 years old, my parents sent me to Tabika Kemas Telok Menegon. Actually when I was small, I was a passive girl. I do not have many friends whether in school or nearest my home. I only play with my siblings in our house and I do not regret to not have many friends because I’m happy with my life until the end. I enjoy with my life when I was a kid no matter I have a friends or not because I will always thinking positive and the important things is my family is always besides and around me.

And then, I continue my study in Sekolah Kebangsaan Telok Menegon. This school is nearest to my house and I only walk to the school or by bicycle. Actually my parent was opened one stationery shop at Pasar Besar Meru, Klang. When I was 8 years old, I need to follow my mother to the shop everyday because all my siblings go to school in the morning. I have to wake up early morning then my father will sent us to the shop. Everyday I will do my routine in the shop like sweep the floor, rearrange the newspaper and wipe the ice-cream box. Almost everyday I will eat ice-cream, junk fruit, and even chocolate. I feel happy at that time because I can help my mother at shop even though girl at my age was stay at home and play their Barbie doll. And then in 10am, I will go upstairs and buy some roti canai for me and my mother. In the afternoon, my father will pick up me and sent me to the school by motorcycle. I feel sympathy at him because he need to sent me at school and then go back to work almost every day but what can I do to help him.

On last 1998, my father was diagnosed as heart cancer. Since he was sick, my mother looks at him and take cares of him at Hospital Besar Kuala Lumpur. She has to commute everyday from home to hospital. She has to leave her children in home and from that time my brother and sister need to take care of me and my youngest brother. Even though my brother and sister was study at Uitm Shah Alam, they still take care of us because that is their responsible. I feel pity at my mother because she always looks tired almost everyday. Sometimes she needs to stay at hospital to take care of my father.

 However, on 30th March 1999, my father was died at the age of 50. At that time I was 10 years old. I feel extremely sad because I still not get enough love from a person called father. I cried everyday like a crazy person. I also feel sympathy with my youngest brother because at that time he was 4 years old and still needs a father love. Start from that time I be more passive person whether in school or at home. I can’t accept that my father was died because for me sincerely he was the best father in the world and nobody can replace his place in my heart. Moreover, I feel jealous with my friends who has father. They get what they want but for me I can’t because I think of my mother. She needs to raise her 6 children alone until now. After my father died, my mother suggests closing the stationery shop because she wants to keep in eye of her children. She is strong women and all things that happen in house was handled by her. She was my mother and also my father until the end. No one can be strong like her in this world.

My mother raised us alone and she wants all her children become successful person. She wants us to be a useful person and told that study is important nowadays and she wants to see all her children study at universities and have at least a diploma. Now, I’m study at University Technology Mara, Segamat, Johor. I feel very happy because I can fulfill her dreams and I hope at the end I can be a useful person. I don’t want to burden her anymore but I want to take care of her until the end. I can’t ever pay her good deeds because this is the time and our responsible to take care of her. We don’t want to see her tired anymore because we want her to rest and let us to take care of our self. We only want her happy ever after and proud to have children like us.

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